Must see in Bali

See favorite and hidden sides of Bali

EXPERIENCE an amazing journey to favorite and hidden sides of Bali. Hopefully, one of them can give you a memorable happiness because each destination entertains and tells a story.



Beautiful rice terraced at Jatiluwih, Penebel (Tabanan) has now been included in the world cultural heritage site of the UNESCO. Local subak (irrigation cooperative) persistently maintain their paddy field and produce organic brown rice. (47 km)



From Penelokan, you can see the Mount Batur and spectacular Lake Batur. Across Lake Batur lies the ancient Trunyan village. It has a unique tradition that does not bury one’s corpse but lays it down under a fragrant tree behind a hill and away from village.  (60 km)



Kuta is the center of tourism in the area supported by shopping, nightlife, dining and other facilities. Its white sandy beach is thronged by visitors in the afternoon each day to see sunset view, strolling, swimming and sunbathing. Pay attention to safety signs. (15 km)



It’s a quiet beach in North Bali and an awesome place to visit. Early in the morning, visitors can take dolphin watching tour by riding traditional boat. Enrich your experience with this nature attraction. (87 km)


Nusa Dua

Other than five-star and luxury accommodation, Nusa Dua also offers beautiful white sandy beach. Now, the airport to Nusa Dua is made closer through toll road. Points of interest include the museum, shopping mall and the water blow cliff site. (27 km)



Known as the kampong of artists, this area has developed since the 1930s. Ubud has endless inspirations to be expressed by the artists through dances, paintings, crafts, woodcarving and others. Points of interest include monkey forest, royal palace, museum, and others. (27 km)